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Schedule & Program

PIMA Academy is open 6 days a week, except for major holidays and extreme weather conditions.

Private lessons are available if you cannot make group classes or are searching for even more personal attention.


PK3 - PK4 (Age 4) :  KARATE TOTS
K1 - 1st Grade (Age 5-6):  KARATE MINIS
2nd - 3rd Grade (Age 7-8): KARATE KIDS
4th - 6th Grade (Age 9-11): ESKRIMA JUNIORS
7th Grade and Up (Age 12+): ESKRIMA JR/ADULT BEG.


Video Preview of Instruction

Still not sure what Doce Pares Multi-Style Eskrima is about? Check out this 15 video playlist of classics featuring Supreme Grandmaster Diony Canete and Guro teaching the basics Eskrima. Shot by Guro Gary G.

PIMA Philosophy

PIMA Academy was built on Guro Dong’s belief that each student's personal goals, fitness level, and experience should always be kept in mind. Whether you are completely new to martial arts or a master in another style, PIMA instructors cater to your individual needs and ability. If you need more time to develop, you will not feel pressured. If you have previous experience, you will not be held back. There are absolutely no age or fitness limitations and, because Doce Pares is an open system, you can join even if you are still practicing another martial art. At PIMA we constantly learn from each other, and anyone—no matter your age or number of years practicing—can be a teacher. We are family and welcome everyone.

PIMA Holiday Closings

Monday, January 1 - New Year’s Day

Monday, January 15 - Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, February 19 - Washington’s Birthday

Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day

Wednesday, July 4 - Independence Day

Monday, September 3 - Labor Day

Monday, October 8 - Columbus Day

Monday, November 12 - Veterans Day

Thursday, November - Thanksgiving Day

Tuesday, December 25 - Christmas Day

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